ON CLA One Softgel Supplement promises to provide one of the most efficient ways to help tone muscles and lose weight. It uses Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) which is a known free fatty acid that helps in weight loss as well as assists in developing lean muscles with proper exercise. It also has other health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and boosting the immune system.


This product primarily uses CLA as its main ingredient. CLA or conjugated linoleic acid is a compound known to help burn fat. One capsule of ON CLA One Softgel Supplement contains about 700mg of CLA.


The suggested adult dosage for ON CLA One Softgel Supplement is for two capsules three times per day. Take two capsules once in the morning, afternoon and evening before meals. Drink plenty of water alongside the capsule as well. It is best to incorporate a daily workout regimen as well as a healthy diet if you wish to make the most out of this supplement. Including these two important factors will allow for faster and better results.

Possible Side Effects

The ON CLA One Softgel Supplement is generally safe for use and holds little to no risk of side effects. However, while that maybe the case there are several health precautions that must be taken into account before deciding on using this bodybuilding supplement. Taking CLA if you have diabetes might adversely affect your condition. It might also cause bleeding disorders so avoid taking it before and after surgeries. People with metabolic syndrome should also avoid taking CLA supplements as it might increase the risk of developing diabetes. Pregnant and nursing women should stay on the safe side as well as the effects of CLA during pregnancy have yet to be thoroughly researched. We highly recommend that you consult with a health professional first before using any supplement that contains CLA.


One bottle of ON CLA One Softgel Supplement will set you back $33.79. Each bottle contains 90 softgel capsules which are enough for a month’s worth of supply. Unfortunately, there are no monthly supply package options available if you wish to use this product as maintenance. This practically means that you need to pay full price for each bottle unlike other products in the market that offer discounted bulk purchase.


The product does not hold any form of customer guarantee clause. While it does offer returns and refunds, it only covers damaged products and similar issues.


Overall, the ON CLA One Softgel Supplement is a rather safe product for your weight loss and fat burning needs. It has also been proven effective with several customers reporting positive results within just a month of use (granted they also adopted a new exercise regimen too). However, the price tag is far steeper than alot of the competition out there, and the fact that any form of a customer guarantee is non-existent, makes the purhcase of this product a little risky to say the least.

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