The CLA & White Kidney Bean by Puritan’s Pride is made in Philippines, and is shipped all over the world lately. The product comes with 90 pieces of softgel capsules and contains 1000 mg of CLA, and 500 mg of White Kidney Bean. They promise it can help with losing weight and building some lean muscles, together with a decent exercise regimen and calorie reduced diet.


The manufacturers claim that their White Kidney Bean extract is natural and stimulant free, and that it offers 1000 mg of extract per serving (500 mg per capsule), without added caffeine, or other nervous system stimulants. White Kidney Bean Extract is being investigated a lot lately for its potential health and anti-oxidant benefits. Besides Natural CLA and Kidney Beans, the product also contains gelatin, silica and vegetable magnesium stearate, which could be dangerous for the intestines and it has been withdrawn from usage lately by many companies.


The manufacturer recommends taking three (3) capsules per day, before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Possible Side-Effects

The supplement contains Magnesium stearate, which is lately being bashed from all sides by doctors and researchers. It is supposedly dangerous for the stomach, causing upsets and even ulcers. It affects proper nutrient breakdown and doctors recommend keeping it away from your body.

The manufacturer recommends keeping the product away from children. It is not suitable for persons under the 18 years of age, pregnant women and nursing mothers, and those trying to conceive. Also, it should not be taken by people who take other prescription and over the counter drugs, by people with heart conditions and another serious illness.


The product is made in Philippines and it’s regular price is ₱1,040 (Philippine peso). When converted to US dollars, the price is around $22.00. The official website offers a discount currently, and the box with 90 softgel capsules costs ₱799.00 (around 17.00 USD), which is pretty affordable, and a good deal for this kind of supplement. When taken as recommended, the box is enough for one month of use. The shipping is free when the purchased goods cost more than 2.500 Philippine pesos.


The manufacturer does not offer a money-back guarantee, but they recommend not to consume products with a torn seal under the cap. We tried to find the guarantee on other websites which sell the product, but with no success. You have to register to the website before purchasing, which makes the shopping inconvenient.


Overall impressions as we have found during our research are good and the product is very affordable, but we have also found reviews saying it does not help with curbing the appetite, in fact it makes you crave sweets. Some people have stated it makes the muscles bulky, not at all lean, and it is too big and hard to swallow. The capsule is made of gelatin, and it is not suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Magnesium stearate can potentially be dangerous for intestines and can prevent the body to properly break the nutrients, so we recommend you to consult your health care provider about any supplement you are thinking taking, and to do a research about some other supplements before becoming faithful to only one.

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