Nutrapuris CLA is advertised as a diet pill that will benefit both men and women to provide the body with essential vitamins to improve overall health. The rapid release softgels will assist in increased weight loss, increased metabolism as well as increased energy levels. The natural trans-fats in Nutrapuris CLA will produce lean muscle mass, whilst reducing the size, speed and production of fat cells. It will boost the immune system and help reduce the risk of developing serious health issues that develop over time.


Nutrapuris CLA offers 80% active CLA from safflower oil, claiming to be the most potent product on the market, however, we have found other products to contain as much as 85% active CLA. Each softgel also contains gelatin, glycerin, natural caramel color and purified water.


The recommended dosage for Nutrapuris CLA is very clearly stated on their bottle. They suggest using the product as a dietary supplement and to take 1-2 softgels with breakfast and 1-2 softgels with dinner. Pregnant or nursing mothers, as well as, those under 18 should consult their healthcare professional before using the product.

Possible Side Effects

Nutrapuris CLA advises consumers no to exceed to the recommended dosage, leading us to believe this may result in side effects. Some consumer reviews have stated experiencing nausea and other ill feelings upon commencing use of the product.


When purchasing Nutrapuris CLA from their website it will set you back around $34.95 for a bottle of 120 softgels, or $29.95 for a bottle of 90 softgels. We have found the product cheaper among other online retailers. Nutrapuris CLA claims to be so good you’ll want to purchase two bottles, yet they do not offer any discounts for the purchase of a second bottle.


Nutrapuris CLA offers a 100% money back guarantee over a 60 day trial period. They promise to refund your money even if the bottle is empty. The guidelines for this guarantee are clear, making it a safe option for a new consumer.


Nutrapuris is advertised with confidence and provide an informative website. Purchasing the product is easy to do via the website and their 100% Lifetime Happiness Guarantee gives the consumer the opportunity to purchase the product with the knowledge of a full refund if they are not satisfied. The product is expensive compared to others on the market and does not offer any kind of price reduction for buying in bulk. We have found a large number of customer reviews that claim not to have noticed any difference in weight loss or increase in lean muscle mass and deemed the product ineffective.

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