Ultimate Nutrition CLA Pure is a weight loss and muscle building supplement. It uses CLA or conjugated linoleic acid which is a known naturally occurring fatty acid. This compound helps boost the body’s metabolism to help burn fat and build muscle faster. CLA is also known for assisting the development of leaner muscle with proper exercise and can also regulate blood cholesterol.


This product features the use of CLA as its main and only ingredient. Each capsule contains 1000mg CLA and has 80% CLA potency. The supplement contains no additional and filler ingredients and utilizes pure CLA extract.


The adult dosage for Ultimate Nutrition CLA is one capsule per meal (morning, afternoon and evening). The label also warns not to take this supplement together with chitosan-based supplements. Chitosan is a compound also known for weight loss and is found on the outer shells of sea foods such as shrimp, crab and lobster. There is also a warning for pregnant women, nursing mothers and people who are under the age of 18 not to use this supplement as it might cause some negative side effects.


Ultimate Nutrition CLA is availa ble in two sizes: 90 capsule and 180 capsule bottles. The 90 capsule bottle is priced at $24.95 while the 180 capsule bottle is sold at $44.95. There are currently no available package options for those looking to use this supplement as a monthly maintenance which means you will need to buy each bottle at full price.

Possible Side Effects

While taking Ultimate Nutrition CLA or CLA, or supplements in general, is considered safe there are still a couple of health guidelines that you must take into account before using these types of supplements. Those who have diabetes are advised to avoid taking CLA supplements as it might cause more harm than good to the body. People who are diagnosed with metabolic syndrome should also avoid use of CLA products as it increases the risk of diabetes. There is also concern of bleeding problems and doctors prohibit the use of CLA to patients who will be undergoing surgery.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Ultimate Nutrition CLA does not come with a customer guarantee which means there are no viable options to take if you wish to return the product due to unsatisfactory results. This is a huge disadvantage for this product as it barely has any online presence to go by.

The Bottom Line

Ultimate Nutrition CLA is a safe supplement for those who are looking to build muscle and lose some weight. The CLA content in each capsule can be considered one of the safest and offers little to no risk. It also has a pretty fair price tag. However, the lack of customer guarantee and actual customer reviews online might dampen your interest in this CLA supplement. We also could not find any in-depth detail of the product itself save for the basic information given on its website.

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