ARC CLA claims to reduce body fat by decreasing the amount of fat your body stores after eating. As with other CLA products, it will help increase lean body mass, increase the rate of fat metabolism and improve overall health. They also mention that it may help with cardiovascular health, balancing insulin levels, healthy bones and cholesterol.


ARC CLA claims to offer an ‘ultra high potency’ of active CLA at 80%, but we have found a discrepancy surrounding this. On the label of the bottle, it states that there is 75% active CLA, which is significantly lower than many of its competitors. ARC CLA also contains safflower oil, gelatin, glycerin, natural caramel color and purified water.


ARC CLA offers in depth information in reference to dosage. They claim that for optimum results you need to take 3mg of CLA each day, this can typically be found in 3-4 softgels. For the best weight loss results and overall health, ARC recommend taking 1-2 softgels three times a day with meals. However, this information differs to that given on Amazon where it is suggested to take 1-2 softgels with breakfast and 1-2 softgels with dinner.
Pregnant or nursing women should consult with their doctor first, as should those under 18. This information would indicate that perhaps ARC CLA is safe to take, but the guidance of a medical professional should be sought.

Possible Side Effects

ARC CLA do not advertise any side effects and many reviewers do not mention any. However, there are several claims that product has not given the results it advertises. There is a warning to not exceed stated dose, so it’s possible that any side effects that occur may be due to incorrect consumption.


ARC CLA can be purchased on Amazon for $27.97. For this price you get 90 softgels and if taken as recommended by ARC this should last for just over a month. Amazon offer package deals when buying other products, as well as 15% off if you purchase three bottles.


ARC CLA offers a 100% money back guarantee but there is no suggestion as to how a customer would go about receiving their refund. It is also unclear under which guidelines a customer is eligible for their money back, it is merely a selling point on their website. Despite this, we could not find any reviews from customers who had taken up the offer.


Initially, ARC CLA appears to be a quality product, claiming advertisements on TV and boasting the use of natural ingredients. The fact that it does not contain milk, lactose, gluten, wheat and fish makes it a product that can be used by many – even those with allergies. We found it worrying that their information regarding suggested dosage to be different on the website compared to the label. This inconsistency may lead to misuse as well as the belief that ARC may not truly understand their product. Manufacturers need to accurate and transparent, this is not the case here.

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