NutraHouse Safflower Oil softgel tablets provide a great source of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). CLA is often found in foods we eat, but you are also likely to consume a higher amount of ‘bad’ fats. We have found that NutraHouse Safflower Oil can add healthy CLA’s to your diet and help maintain lean body mass, break down stored fats and also increase weight loss. We have not found anything to suggest that you must maintain a healthy, balanced diet as well as an active lifestyle in order to gain the full benefits.


NutraHouse Safflower Oil contains safflower oil and 80% Active CLA, gelatin, vegetable glycerine. 80% is on the higher end of the scale of active CLA, but we have found a few more products out there that can offer a slightly higher content. NutraHouse Safflower Oil is both gluten and soy free so is suitable for those with low tolerances to these ingredients.


NutraHouse Safflower Oil CLA comes in the form of easy to swallow softgel tablets of 1000mg each. Adults should take two softgels per day, preferably with a meal so taking them can easily be added to your daily routine. However, we could not find if there was a particular time of day that would be more advantageous to take NutraHouse Safflower Oil in order to gain the full benefits. If you are pregnant or nursing, then unfortunately NutraHouse Safflower Oil is not recommended for you, and you should consult your doctor if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or if you are currently taking medication.

Possible Side Effects

NutraHouse Safflower Oil boasts all natural ingredients with no artificial colors or flavors.. They strive to offer all natural and pure ingredients, making it a safe product for most. We could not find a list of any known side effects, nor do any reviews seem to list any, yet there is a warning to seek medical attention if you experience any adverse effects.


NutraHouse Safflower Oil will set you back $29.99, with free shipping. Each bottle contains 120 tablets, which is effectively a two months supply. At this stage, NutraHouse do not offer a discount for bulk buying, nor do they offer any kind of rewards system for regular customers.


From what we have found, NutraHouse offer no guarantee that their product will result in toning and weight loss. Many reviewers have stated that they have had pleasing results, but it cannot be distinguished if this is entirely from the use of NutraHouse Safflower Oil, or if exercise is a factor. NutraHouse do offer a 30-day return policy, with a re-stocking fee of $3, but exact details are not clear.


NutraHouse Safflower Oil clearly advertises great results that are appealing to many, and there are plenty of happy customer reviews to support this product. They offer clear information regarding dosage and ingredients, both easily found labelled on the bottle. We do wonder how much of an impact that Safflower Oil has on weight loss and toning compared to a change in diet and physical activity, as the exact benefits and time of day to take the softgels is not entirely clear and they do not offer a timeframe as to when you might see results. The price is reasonable, a little on the high side, and if you take into consideration that many customers have reported needing to use Safflower Oil in conjunction with other products, there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of value for money.

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