Dr. Mercola CLA aims to provide an easy, safe and effective way for the body to ingest enough CLA to receive positive benefits such as weight loss and increased metabolism. Dr. Mercola arms the consumer with information regarding the foods that contain CLA, pointing out that it is nigh on impossible to receive the same amount of CLA through diet, even when one tries to buy organic products. The capsules come with a strong barrier against oxygen to ensure they remain fresh and unspoilt.


Dr. Mercola CLA contains 1.04 grams of Conjugated Linoleic Acid as well as hypromellose, water, silicone dioxide and rosemary leaf extract. It does not state how much of the CLA is active and therefore it is difficult to make an accurate comparison to others on the market.


Dr. Mercola is for adult use only and two capsules should be taken each day. It is not stated whether these need to be taken with food or drink or if there is a particular time of day that is more beneficial. If consumers are pregnant, nursing, currently on medication or have a medical condition, then a consultation with a physician is recommended.

Possible Side Effects

Dr. Mercola CLA does not issue any warnings of side effects on their label or website, but offers a lot of information regarding the manufacture and packaging techniques to ensure freshness and therefore minimising any effects from rancidity. However, because of the processes used to create a barrier against oxygen, more chemicals have been used than in other products on the market. The fact that the product is not made entirely of natural ingredients could lead to adverse reactions in some consumers.


Dr. Mercola CLA can be purchased as a one month supply (one bottle of 60 capsules) for $19.97 or a three months supply (three bottles of 60 capsules each) for $52.97, making it worth purchasing in bulk.


Dr. Mercola CLA comes with a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. If unhappy with the product, the customer can return the item within 60 days and receive a full refund, less the cost of the shipping. The product must be in its original package with at least half the capsules remaining. The guarantee is fairly clear and offers the consumer store credit if returned after the 60 day period (still in original package and with half the capsules remaining). The ‘terms and conditions’ link explains to the consumer what they need to do if they wish to return the product.


Dr. Mercola CLA provides a well-researched product and comes with a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee which gives appeal to the new consumer. It is on the upper end of the scale when it comes to price, but they do offer a service to be able to purchase the product both online and over the phone. Dr. Mercola CLA will maintain freshness, even once the bottle has been opened, therefore minimising the effects of ingesting a rancid product. However, because of the processes undergone to create this freshness, more chemicals have been used, making it not so appealing when there are so many natural products on the market that don’t appear to be suffering from reported rancidity.

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