The GNC Pro Performance CLA 1000 supplement is a product that is aimed specifically for bodybuilders, athletes and people who are looking to create a leaner and toned body. It utilizes conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which is a naturally occurring fatty acid that helps in boosting the body’s metabolism to burn off fat quicker and assist the body in developing leaner muscles.


The GNC Pro Performance CLA 1000 incorporates the use of CLA. Conjugated linoleic acid is often used in weight loss with its ability to boost metabolism as well as stem your appetite. It also helps develop muscles in the body and has the additional health benefit of moderating blood pressure levels. CLA supplements are popular among bodybuilding circles and it is easy to see why this is an essential ingredient, due to its ability to help tone your body to its optimized form.


If you are going to take GNC Pro Performance CLA 1000 as a dietary supplement then one capsule per day will suffice. For optimum results and for those looking to truly build up their muscle tone then it is suggested on the label to take four capsules per day. Drink plenty of water and it is preferred that you take this supplement before or during meals. For those taking four capsules per day, take two in the morning and another two in the afternoon.

Possible Side Effects

Taking CLA orally has proven to be quite safe. While this, there are some health precautions that interested individuals must be aware of. One of the biggest issues with taking CLA will arise for those who have diabetes. CLA has an exceptionally high chance of making diabetes worse. It can also cause bleeding problems so remember to not take any CLA supplements when undergoing any type of surgery. People with metabolic syndrome should also avoid taking CLA supplements. Pregnant women and those under the age of 18 should also refrain from taking CLA products. In order to make sure taking CLA would be safe for you, we highly suggest you consult with a health professional first.


The GNC Pro Performance CLA 1000 is currently priced at $44.99 per 180 capsule bottles. However, if you sign up as a member for GNC’s official website you can get a member’s discount that will drop the price tag down to $37.99. This product is available from their official website, other online stores and local pharmacies. This product is not offered with a monthly supply package option.


The GNC Pro Performance CLA 1000 comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. You can return the product and get a refund with the exclusion of the delivery fee if you are dissatisfied with the results. This is not the best money back guarantee option we have seen, as it doesn’t give the user much time to see if this product works well or not.


Overall, the GNC Pro Performance CLA 1000 is a solid bodybuilding supplement that has an established reputation. It also provides clear dosage instructions for the user which allows individuals to gain the highest benefits for using this supplement. However, there are complaints with several customers claiming that taking this supplement appears to be ineffective to their cause. Another mild issue with this product is that it might also cause gastric problems. This with their poor money back guarantee left us no option to not rate this so high.

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