Today we are reviewing one unusual Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) product. Unlike most of the CLA supplements, which come in the form of capsules, Homeopathic Labs’ CLA also comes in the form of powder. It even comes with a little plastic measuring spoon. The manufacturers promise it helps with the fat loss and building lean muscles when consumed together with good fitness regimens, and decreased caloric intake. It can also help to maintain healthy body mass in people who are already fit. Conjugated Linoleic Acid is known to support health in many ways, and this product contains 100% natural CLA.


The supplement contains 1000 mg of Conjugated Linoleic Acid per serving in the form of loose powder. The manufacturer claims that their product does not contain additional colors, binders, fillers, or any artificial ingredients.


A bottle of this supplement is enough for 30 daily doses. The recommended dose should be mixed with 4-8 oz water or juice, and drank with meals.

Possible Side-Effects

It should not be purchased or consumed by persons younger than 18 years. The manufacturer recommends caution to pregnant and nursing woman. Also, they recommend to consult your health care provider before taking the CLA powder in people who have some heart condition, diabetes or any other treated or non-treated medical condition. The product can be dangerous if consumed by children, so it is advised to keep it far away from the reach of them.


Homeopathic Laboratory’s CLA in the form of powder is more affordable than those coming in the form of pills. The box costs $9.99 on the official Homeopathic Labs’ website. The shipping is fast, they send the product within one working day.


We were unable to find money-back guarantee on the official website. It is probably because they do not offer one. We have found that Homeopathic Labs’ website has been validated to have a secure SSL certificate, and is safe to purchase from. The lack of reviews on this product makes us think it is relatively new or hiding something. The time will show.


One of the purchasing and paying options is via PayPal, which we find to be good to include in this day and age of different fads and credit card scams. The monthly dosage of Homeopathic Labs CLA is pretty inexpensive when compared to other similar products, which can be up to $20.00 more expensive. They ship the product extremely fast. One of the positive things is that the product does not contain animal by-products and thus is vegetarian and vegan friendly. They do not make you register on the website before purchasing, and offer gift wrapping the supplement if in some case someone wants to purchase the product for someone else. The product lacks reviews, and we could not find how it worked for different people, which we find to be a downside. Also, the website lacks money-back guarantee. We still recommend you to do your own research before purchasing anything and try different product available out there before committing to one.

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