Pure Advantage CLA is a supplement that utilizes conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). CLA is a known omega-6 fatty acid that is attributed to promote weight loss and burn fat. This supplement aims to help individuals obtain their ideal body weight as well as help build lean and tone muscles. Taking CLA supplements also offer additional health benefits concerning blood pressure as well.


This product contains one primary ingredient which is the conjugated linoleic acid. Each capsule contains about 1000mg of CLA and contains no fillers to ensure that you get the full 100% benefit of this compound. CLA is not only used for weight loss and bodybuilding, it is also known to help those with high blood pressure as it can regulate blood pressure back to normal.


Take one or two capsules three times per day. The best time would be an hour before meal time during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drink an 8-ounce glass of water as well to help facilitate the body’s absorption of the compound. In order to achieve the best results, we recommend that you include daily exercise routines and shift your diet to a healthier one. With these factors and the addition of the CLA supplement, you can expect results to appear as soon as a month.

Possible Side Effects

Taking CLA has proven to be quite safe for most. Although we must point out that there are certain health conditions that might worsen if you take CLA. Diabetes, for example, may become aggravated if you take CLA. People who have metabolic syndrome should also refrain from using these types of supplement as it could increase the risk of developing diabetes. CLA might also cause bleeding problems so those who will undergo surgery should avoid taking CLA supplements before and after the operation. While it has not yet been fully studied, doctors also advise against using CLA for pregnant and nursing mothers. In order to ensure that you stay safe and healthy, we suggest you consult with your doctor first before trying out any new form of medication or supplement.


Pure Advantage CLA is priced at around $21.95 per 90 capsule bottles. This is enough for a month’s supply of this supplement. The product is not offered with any monthly package option for those looking to use it as a maintenance tool, which means you need to pay full price for each purchase which makes it quite expensive in the long run when compared to other CLA supplement products that do offer bulk purchase options with a discounted price tag.


The product does not come with any sort of customer guarantee which is unfortunate considering most of the competition in the market offers this little reprieve for new customers to lessen the risk they are taking for buying a new product.


All in all, Pure Advantage CLA is a decent weight loss and fat burning supplement, thanks to its strong dosage of CLA. It is also quite safe and effective based on the feedback of several of customer reviews we read. That being said, we must point out that the reviews we found were few and far in between, so its actual effectiveness is still not completely known. There is also the issue of not having any money back guarantee as well as the lack of monthly supply package options for customers looking to make this into a long term option. This in turn, leaves Pure Advantage CLA at a disadvantage when compared to other top quality CLA supplements in the market.

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