Now Foods is a health product manufacturer who has already built a solid reputation in the industry. Now Foods CLA Supplement is their foray into the world of bodybuilding and weight loss market. This product contains conjugated linoleic acid which is a known fatty acid that helps stem the body’s ability to absorb fat and in turn makes losing weight quicker. CLA also gives benefits when it comes to developing leaner muscles with the help of a good workout routine and a proper diet.


Now Foods CLA Supplement uses conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) taken from safflower seed oil, which makes this supplement 100% natural with no synthetic ingredients thrown into the mix. Each capsule holds about 800mg of CLA which is considered a safe dosage level while still retaining its effectiveness.


The recommended dosage for this CLA supplement is for 3 soft gel capsules 1 or 2 times per day. Take the supplement at least one hour before meals (lunchtime and dinner) and drink plenty of water as well. Do not exceed the dosage stated on the label. Pregnant and nursing women, as well as those under the age of 18, should avoid taking CLA supplements.

Possible Side Effects

Now Foods CLA Supplement is considered to be safe for use as long as you follow the instructions. However, it should be noted that taking CLA is not exactly for everyone. There are certain health conditions that might be affected negatively by taking CLA. Some of these health conditions include diabetes and metabolic syndrome. If you are diagnosed with any of these conditions then this manufacturer highly advises that you avoid taking any CLA supplements as it can adversely affect your health. Health professionals also advise people who will be undergoing surgery to avoid CLA supplements weeks before and after their operation as it might cause bleeding problems.


Now Foods CLA Supplement is available in two sizes: 90 capsule bottles and 180 capsule bottles. The 90 capsule bottles is priced at $12.89 while the 180 capsule bottles has a price tag of $18.84. This makes the Now Foods CLA Supplement one of the most affordable CLA supplement products in the market today. However, there is no mention of any discounted monthly supply package for interested parties looking to use this product as their main CLA maintenance. Now Foods CLA Supplement is also available online or from most local pharmacies.


Now Foods CLA Supplement does not come with a customer guarantee but the solid reputation that the company has built throughout the years is a good enough guarantee for most interested customers. Their products are known to be highly effective while also being affordable. The product itself already has a solid reputation online with numerous satisfied customers chiming in on its effectiveness.


Now Foods CLA Supplement is a solid product from a reliable manufacturer. It is affordable and its effectiveness is supported by hundreds of customer testimonials. That being said, it also offers the lowest dosage level of CLA which is their way of erring on the side of caution and staying on the safe side. This could mean that it may not hold the same effect for other people, as erhaps other more potent products, with consumers seeing results much slower.

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