Solgar Tonalin CLA aims to decrease body fat in general, targeting belly fat in particular. When taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, consumers should notice a boost in energy and be able to burn fat more quickly.


Solgar Tonalin CLA contains 1300mg of safflower seed oil, gelatin, vegetable glycerin and natural caramel color. It is one of the highest dosages on the market, but without knowledge of how much is active CLA, a more accurate comparison with its competitors is difficult.


One Solgar Tonalin CLA softgel should be taken twice daily, preferably with meals. The softgels are easy to swallow and have a pleasant taste, therefore can be used by consumers who are not too fond of tablets. There are customer reviews that have stated needing to take more than the suggested dose in order to notice effects, but we would recommend seeking advice from your healthcare practitioner before consuming more that directed. It is not safe to take Solgar Tonalin CLA when pregnant or nursing.

Possible Side Effects

Whilst there are no major side effects listed, Solgar Tonalin CLA is free of gluten, wheat, dairy and soy, making it safe to be used by those who are allergic to these ingredients. The consumer is advised to discontinue use if any adverse reactions are experienced and to seek professional medical help.


Solgar Tonalin CLA cannot be purchased online via their website, but consumers can be directed to a retailer near them. We have found Solgar Tonalin CLA on other online retailers for around $14 for a bottle of 60 softgels. This supply should last for approximately one month, but considering that consumers need to be using the product for a sustained amount of time, they would need to purchase more than one bottle. We could not find any offers or deals when buying multiple bottles other than saving on shipping costs.


Solgar Tonalin CLA do not offer any kind of product guarantee, perhaps indicating a lack of confidence in the product by the manufacturer. Many customers have reported needing to take Solgar Tonalin CLA for an extended period of time before seeing results, and perhaps this is another reason the manufacturers do not offer a guarantee, unlike other products in the market.


Solgar Tonalin CLA is easy to take and has very few reports of negative side effects. The fact that consumers need to be using the product for a substantial amount of time before seeing results could lead to the early presumption that the product is not as effective as some of its competitors. Considering the product is sold only in bottles of 60 softgels, consumers would need to purchase many bottles before seeing results and with no bulk buying offer or discount, it becomes a pricey option.

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