All Max Nutrition CLA 95 is a weight loss and muscle toning supplement aimed for use by athletes, bodybuilders and those who are looking for some assistance in losing weight. It uses CLA or conjugated linoleic acid which is a form of free fatty acids that help boost the body’s metabolic system to burn off fat faster. The protein that CLA contains also helps promote leaner muscle development and several other health benefits.


All Max Nutrition CLA 95 uses one main ingredient which is conjugated linoleic acid, also known as CLA. The manufacturer state that this product contains one of the strongest potency of CLA. Each capsule contains 950mg of CLA taken from Safflower seed oil (standardized to 95% CLA).


The recommended dosage for All Max Nutrition CLA 95 is two capsules three times per day, preferably taken with meals. It is only available in capsule form. Taking CLA is not advised for pregnant women as well as individuals who are under the age of 18.

Possible Side Effects

While All Max Nutrition CLA 95 has been known to be quite safe for use with little to no side effects this does not mean that it can be taken by anyone. There are several health conditions that might get agitated if CLA supplements are taken. Diabetes, for example, can worsen if the person with this health condition takes CLA supplements. There are also concerns about the effects of CLA supplements with metabolic syndrome. Studies have shown that CLA can increase the risk of diabetes for those who have metabolic syndrome. Another concern revolves around bleeding problems that CLA might cause so those who will be undergoing a type of surgery should refrain from taking CLA supplements.


All Max Nutrition CLA 95 is available in two sizes, 90 capsules, and 150 capsules. The 90 capsule bottles is available for $20.99 while the 150 capsule bottles is priced at $25.99. There are currently no options for a monthly supply package for those wanting to use this supplement as maintenance for weight loss.


All Max Nutrition CLA 95 does not come with a customer guarantee which is unfortunate. Money back guarantees show that the manufacturers have strong confidence in their product and the results that it will bring. Return policies are also not stated on the official website. However, since you can purchase this in most health stores (online and stores) you can ask the store about their return policy if they have one.


All Max Nutrition CLA 95 is one of the few products that offer the highest dosage of CLA per capsule. This should make it significantly more effective than others out there. So we would question why the makers of this product don’t offer a guarantee – are they not confident that it will work for consumers? Also, the high potency means that you should be very careful about taking this supplement, it is a lot higher than the potency used and found effective and safe, in a variety of clinical studies. Never exceed the dosage stated on the label as overdosing on CLA may cause certain side effects. The main issue for us is the lack of a guarantee, which pushes this product down a notch, as new customers usually do not want to take unnecessary risks when purchasing a new supplement.

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