SISU Tonalin aims to promote fat loss and lean muscle gain. By replacing fat tissue with lean muscle tissue, which is more compact and denser than fat tissue. This manufacturer states that the consumer will notice a slimmer silhouette and a more toned appearance. SISU Tonalin recommend using the product for at least one month to notice the full benefits, and it is safe for long term use.


SISU Tonalin contains conjugated linoleic acid from safflower oil, 1000mg from 1250mg Tonalin CLA-rich oil, as well as natural caramel color , gelatin, glycerin and purified water. SISU Tonalin is standardized to contain 72-82% CLA which is fairly mid range compared to other products we found on the market.


SISU Tonalin advises the consumer to take 3 easy to swallow softgel capsules daily. We could not find information regarding the time of day or if it is necessary to take the softgels with food or drink.

Possible Side Effects

SISU Tonalin advertises no adverse effects but it is recommended to take it as advised by your health care professional. We undertook extensive research, but without a large number of reviews, it is hard to tell if any consumers have experienced any negative side effects. The fact that it contains no dairy, wheat, soy, corn, or peanuts would make it suitable for consumers with allergies to these ingredients.


The SISU website does not offer any service to purchase online, but it does provide a link to many of their stockists, both stores and online retailers. Unfortunately, the website does not give any indication of the price of the product, although we have found it for sale among other online retailers for as low as $29.99 for a bottle containing 120 softgels.


When you purchase SISU Tonalin you are not provided with any customer satisfaction guarantee as you are with other similar products on the market and may be a sign that the company does not have enough confidence in its product.


If purchased from the right retailer and therefore at the right price, SISU Tonalin can be a cost effective way to lose belly fat and increase lean muscle gain. It is mentioned that the consumer needs to be using the product for one month before the benefits are noticed, and whilst this is an honest statement it may mean that the product is less effective than its competitors. The SISU website provides links to a range of store, both material and online making it an easy product to purchase. The lack of guarantee and reviews raises concerns that the product may not be as effective as others on the market that have a greater reputation.

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