Nature’s Bounty CLA has been mentioned in a lot of bodybuilding top 10 lists and we are here to show you exactly why this particular product has become a favorite in this area. This supplement is an effective and safe body toning supplement that not only helps trim away fat but also helps in developing stronger and leaner muscles. It uses 100% pure and natural CLA extracted from Safflower oil which further lessens the risk of side effects.


This product utilizes one active ingredient which is Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). The CLA potency in this supplement comes in at 78% to 84% CLA and is delivered in a daily serving of 2,000mg. This is definitely one of the few that offers a high amount of CLA which in turn gives faster results. It is also made vegan friendly, gluten-free and dairy-free.


The adult dosage for Nature’s Bounty CLA is three capsules per day. The preferred intake would be two in the morning (during breakfast and an hour before exercise) and one in the evening during dinner. For faster results you should drink a glass of water alongside this supplement. As a proper safety precaution, we advise you to consult with a health practitioner or a nutritionist before taking this supplement in order for you to get a more precise dosage direction.


Each bottle of Nature’s Bounty CLA contains fifty 1000mg capsules and has a price tag of $13.67. Their official website does not state any special discounts or the option to choose which various supply packages you would like, which is always a welcome feature with health supplements. But the overall affordable price tag dampens the blow of this downside somewhat and it still makes this product a great choice thanks to its quality.

Possible Side Effects

The Nature’s Bounty CLA uses natural ingredients taken from Safflower oil which of course reduces the risk of any side effects. Of course, that does not mean that it has completely circumvented the issue. The fact that each capsule utilizes a high concentration of CLA means consumers should be careful to follow exact dosage instructions. CLA is safe but it can also cause harm to people who have any pre-existing health conditions such as diabetes, metabolism syndrome, and/or bleeding disorders. Anyone with these conditions should avoid using CLA products in general.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

After browsing through their official website we are certain that there are no statements regarding customer guarantees and refunds. However, you can use their customer care support page to ask more details about the product such as what their return policy is if you are interested in making a purchase.

The Bottom Line

What pushes Nature’s Bounty CLA above its competition is the fact that it uses no additional or filler ingredients. This product also wins in the price category as it is definitely one of the most affordable CLA supplements to date. However, no guarantee raises the doubt they believe in the efficacy of their product and the lack of monthly supply package options may deter consumers who would like to implement the intake of CLA long-term.

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